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Our plan is to bring to you, our valued customers, the widest selection of Rally Merchandise that we can source. Currently, we have products from ALL the WRC Teams including M Sport Ford WRT, Hyundai Motorsport WRT, Toyota Gazoo WRT and, in addition, the WRC 2 team of Skoda Motorsport. And not only the Teams, but we also offer you an extensive range of World Rally Championship merchandise. Indeed in our offer you will also find Memorabilia items, Limited Edition Event Merchandise and much much more. So whether you are looking for a Cap, T shirt, Sweatshirt, Hoodie or Softshell, you will find just about everything here at www.rallyemerchandise.com.


 Our very first sale was made at the 1998 Rally GB event in the Service Park in Felindre, Swansea. Since then we have been selling World Rally merchandise at events all over the World. As at April 2021, we have attended over 170 WRC events from Australia and New Zealand in the far far south, to Sweden and Finland in the north, and Turkey and Cyprus in the East. It has been a fantastic adventure.


Our early stands were not as big, or as glamourous as they are today. Indeed, our first stand in ‘Europe’ was at the Monte Carlo Rally in 2002, where we had a 10 year old Iveco Van with a 3 metre ‘wind-out’. Back in those days, there was very little merchandise available and only a few traders.



From the very beginning, we have had simply great people working with us. It would take forever to list everybody who has impacted on our business, but if it wasn’t for Mark, Matt, Graeme, Adam, Rebecka, Emilia and Liam then we would never have had the success we have achieved. People from the UK, France, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Poland, Belgium, Czech Republic – and who could ever forget Dave, Sam and Luke from Australia.

Today, we are once again building a fine team of people, whether it is the ladies from Portugal or the guys from Finland, they are ready to help you with your selection on one of stands at the WRC.

Are you interested in joining us on an adventure? We are always looking for new people. The opportunity is on an event-by-event basis and is open to all. It is physically demanding with long hours – and dealing with different cultures and different languages. Send us your CV……

Maybe one day, you will add to our myths and legends of the 170 WRC events with www.rallyemerchandise.com



We are constantly on the lookout for new merchandise. New products are our life-blood. So, if you are a Manufacturer, Wholesaler or Licensee and you want to sell to us, please do not hesitate as we want to buy. Email us now at sales@rallyemerchandise.com

 And if you wish to buy from us in bulk – then just ask, the answer is yes, 99% of the time – email us now at sales@rallyemerchandise.com


Our Company is, today, based both in Buckingham, UK with our Event team in the EU. Since 1998, the Company has constantly changed and evolved, and has endured many ups and downs with the economic climate, the changes in the WRC and even suffered a huge theft back in 2016.

You can check us out at the UK Companies House, we are Dealer Services UK Limited.

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